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When a genealogist works from home

Ralf Stullich - 17. April 2020 - General, Hamburg, Professions

Does the work of a genealogist change when he hast o work from home? Indeed not that much, because mainly the place of work changes, not the work itself. In any case, today a lot can be handled digitally and we receive the documents in many cases from administration offices and archives by mail.

What, of course, is missing is visiting archives, the colleagues and the usual talks to them at the office, if you have questions like “Can you read this?” After all, the handwritings on old certificates often look more like ECG patterns. Having someone who can have another look is helping a lot.

At the moment, asking for help in these cases looks like that:

  1. Scan the document and send it to the colleague by mail
  2. Wait for an answer
  3. Send an email to thank the colleague

The advantages of working from home? You meet new “colleagues”:


He or she sits in front of the window with a nut every morning right on time at 08:15 a.m. The squirrel usually sits there for about 2-3 minutes and, I swear, looks inside and right at me for a moment, before leaving for the day and returning the next.

Questions arise: Where does the squirrel gets the nuts? And especially: where does it hide its watch?

The “colleague” is new, but he might be related to my “office colleague”. This squirrel also “scampers” outside my window every day and often watches me while eating its breakfast:


But enough with animal stories, I will get back to do research on the human ones!

Stay healthy!

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