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The “day of German-French friendship”

Andrea Bentschneider - 22. January 2016 - General, Historical Events, Holiday, Knowledge

There is a specific relationship between our French neighbors and us: lots of Germans read the comics of Astérix the Gaul in their childhood, some Germans choose the Eiffel Tower as the setting for a marriage proposal and the croissant is an inherent part of breakfast on Sundays. 

So there’s a reason why the Germans and the French celebrate the “day of German-French friendship” on 22 January. The relationship wasn’t always this harmonic however; the term „hereditary enmity“ had typified the relationship for a long time. 

It wasn't until the 1950s that both nations approached each other which was the merit of the then French president Charles de Gaulle and the West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. On 22 Jan 1963 the “Élysée Treaty“ was signed, it was made both to establish the friendship between the  French and the Germans and to advance the cultural exchange between the two countries. 

This historic date has become a day of remembrance by now, furthermore the cooperation of France and Germany has proved to be successful confronting international crises.

With this in mind: Here's to us! - À l’amitié!

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