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Literature tip: “Credentials for Genealogists: Proof of the Professional” by Paul Gorry

Heike Leiacker - 10. October 2018 - Genealogy, General, Germany, Knowledge, Literature

In his new book, the long-standing professional genealogist Paul Gorry addresses credentials for professional genealogists worldwide. It is a resource for accrediting bodies, those seeking professional credentials and of course also potential clients who would like to know more on how to find a trustworthy professional genealogist.

Paul Gorry concludes that the majority of practitioners do not have accreditation and fail to recognize it as a necessity. However, he thinks (and we agree) that credentials are essential for genealogy as a profession. A consistent standard is important for conscientious practicioners as well as the client’s interests. Genealogy is still uncommon as a profession. Gorry’s book shows the efforts to professionalize it. It also provides background on the various accrediting bodies and organizations that provide support for professional genealogists.



Verband deutschsprachiger Berufsgenealogen (Association of German-Speaking Professional Genealogists)

During the research of the book, Paul Gorry interviewed Andrea Bentschneider in her role as Chairwoman of the Verband deutschsprachiger Berufsgenealogen (Association of German-Speaking Professional Genealogists). The association for professional genealogists of areas in which German is, or has been spoken is no accrediting organization at present, but is working on an accrediting system. Its practices are according to Paul Gorry already quite close to most organizations providing credentials. There are high mandatory standards and violations may lead to expulsion from the association. Before becoming a member, each professional genealogist has to go through an examination of his/her expert knowledge and has to provide samples of work. At the moment, the association is working hard on further improving matters. Its goal is to assure a high standard of professionality, integrity and quality, to support its members and to promote the profession of genealogy.



About the book

If you are interested in learning more about the book, you can find the chat from the Favobook Launch here.

“Credentials for Genealogists” (ISBN 978-1-9164480) can be purchased online for €16.00 (plus p&p) from Blessington Books.



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