Beyond History comes of age

created by Heike Leiacker

Hip, hip, hooray! It is Beyond History’s birthday soon - and not just any birthday! Almost 18 years ago, Andrea Bentschneider founded Beyond History on 01 July 2004, turning genealogy, a hobby up until then, into her profession. This means, now we come of age, so to speak!


Andrea Bentschneider at Genealogica 2022

created by Heike Leiacker

The German genealogy festival Genealogica is going into its second year and of course we and especially our boss Andrea Bentschneider and we will be there again! Again completely virtual, Genealogica will take place from 01 to 03 April 2022 (the event site can still be visited until 15 April 2022 at 09:00). Again Andrea Bentschneider will be present as a speaker and Beyond History and the Association of German-speaking Professional Genealogists will again be represented with booths.


Andrea Bentschneider at THE Genealogy Show: Spring Event

created by Heike Leiacker

We are very excited that Andrea Bentschneider will be a speaker at this year’s THE Genealogy Show: Spring Event! As in 2021 it will be a virtual event taking place from Friday, 01 April to Sunday, 03 April 2022. And there will be two further events later this year (July and December).


Andrea Bentschneider at RootsTech 2022

created by Heike Leiacker

RootsTech is the world’s largest family history conference. As in 2021, the conference will in 2022 again be completely virtual and free of charge. And Andrea Bentschneider will be one of the speakers this year - with several sessions.


Andrea Bentschneider at, and 1und1

How are our relatives called - beyond the direct relatives and straight line back? A German article by Antonia Fuchs published on the websites, and explores this question. And Andrea Bentschneider was interviewed for the article and talked a little about the relevance our family has for us.


Andrea Bentschneider answers your questions live on Facebook again

About 11 months ago, Andrea Bentschneider answered questions about genealogy and family research for MyHeritage Germany live on Facebook. Of course, that is far too long ago. We are therefore pleased that there will be another Q & A session on Wednesday, 02 June 2021, at 07:00 p.m. German time. The online event will take place in German as part of MyHeritage's Facebook Live Series.


Andrea Bentschneider at the second “The 24-Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon” hosted by Legacy Family Tree Webinars and MyHeritage

created by Heike Leiacker

On 08/09/10 April 2021, Legacy Family Tree Webinars and MyHeritage will host „The 24-Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon“ for the second time. Again, there will be (more than) 24 hours of live webinars on very different genealogical topics to discover. As the only speaker from Germany and one of the few from Europe, Andrea Bentschneider will be participating again this year.


Current archive openings in Germany

created by Heike Leiacker

You may already have learned that some archives in Germany have recently reopened. We were very pleased about this and have already arranged as many appointments as possible and in some cases also already visited the archives.


Andrea Bentschneider's lecture on "Genealogy as a living" at Genealogica is still available for viewing until Friday

created by Heike Leiacker

On Sunday, 14 February, Andrea Bentschneider gave a lecture at Genealogica on the topic “Ahnenforschung als Broterwerb: Vom Hobbyforscher zum Berufsgenealogen“ ("Genealogy as a living: From being a hobby researcher to becoming a professional genealogist"). You wanted to be there, but unfortunately missed the lecture? Then you have another chance to watch it on the website of the Genealogica until Friday.


Coming Soon: The Beyond History Academy

created by Heike Leiacker

Today during her presentation at Genealogica 2021, Andrea Bentschneider revealed it publicly for the first time: We are expanding our business field! For quite some time we have been thinking about making the start into genealogy or even the step into professional activity in this field easier for interested people. We are now making it official.


Andrea Bentschneider and Beyond History at the German virtual festival Genealogica 2021

created by Heike Leiacker

Despite COVID-19 you would like to meet German genealogists and listen to interesting lectures on genealogy (in German)? From 12 to 19 February 2021, the virtual festival Genealogica will take place for the first time. It is organized by Anja Kirsten Klein and Barbara Schmidt. Andrea Bentschneider will be there, too, - not only as a participant, but as a lecturer. Her topic will be “Ahnenforschung als Broterwerb: Vom Hobbyforscher zum Berufsgenealogen“ (“Genealogy as a living: From being a hobby...


A new German genealogy festival: The Genealogica 2021

created by Heike Leiacker

From 12 to 19 February 2021, the virtual festival Genealogica will take place for the first time. It is organized by Anja Kirsten Klein and Barbara Schmidt. Supporting this event is an affair of the heart for Andrea Bentschneider, since it enables direct interaction on the greatest hobby and our profession - even in times of COVID-19. A fantastic initiative of the two organizers!


Despite the hard lockdown in Germany, we are there for you!

As of 16 December 2020, Germany has returned to a hard lockdown due to the current COVID-19 situation. For us at Beyond History this means that all archives are closed again to the public and working from home is strongly advised. Of course, these measures affect our work and the general research situation.


Andrea Bentschneider in the German magazine Frau im Leben

created by Heike Leiacker

The November issue 2020 of the German women’s magazine Frau im Leben includes a short but nice article with tips for a good start into one’s own genealogical research from Andrea Bentschneider. The title of the article is “Ahnenforschung. Wer war Omas Oma?“ (Genealogy. Who was grandma’s grandma?).


Welcome to our 1,500th client!

created by Heike Leiacker

A short time ago we were delighted to welcome our 1,500th client! It is unbelievable that we already had the pleasure to help 1,500 clients with their private family research, in probate cases or regarding other researches. Many our clients are with us for many years or even for more than a decade - some since Andrea Bentschneider founded Beyond History over 16 years ago. Others we are helping with various cases at the same time. In doing so we were allowed to participate in many really great...


Current research situation

created by Heike Leiacker

In Germany, Corona is still an important topic and precautions are still necessary, but the good news is: At least for now, the research situation with regard to genealogical and inheritance research has normalized to a certain degree. Delays are, however, still possible.


Andrea Bentschneider in the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag

As chairperson of the Association of German-speaking Professional Genealogists, Andrea Bentschneider was quoted in an article by Daniel Zwick in the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag that was published on 14 June 2020. The article discusses the possibilities genealogical research provides as well as various sources.


On 21 May 2020, you can watch Andrea Bentschneider‘s Webinar on “Emigration via Hamburg” free of charge

created by Heike Leiacker

To watch a webinar a day free of charge that is usually only available for members - This offer from Legacy Family Tree Webinars has been extended from April to May. It gives genealogists worldwide the opportunity to educate themselves from home during the Corona crisis. Andrea Bentschneider’s Webinar on “Emigration via Hamburg” that was part of “The 24-Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon” earlier this year is amongst the chosen webinars.