Andrea Bentschneider in the German magazine Spiegel Geschichte

2022 starts well for us - with a nice interview with Andrea Bentschneider in the current issue of the German magazine SPIEGEL Geschichte.

On 17 January 2022, the issue 1/2022 on the topic "German Emigrants" (Deutsche Auswanderer) was published. In addition to many exciting articles, it also contains a three-page interview with Andrea Bentschneider, which we (admittedly somewhat biased) think makes you want to start your own genealogical research and shows you possibilities for researching emigrated relatives (from Germany). It was conducted by Frederik Seeler.

Emigration is a big topic in our work and our boss has already held various lectures on the subject. The recording of a webinar she held for MyHeritage in 2019 (in German) can be viewed on our YouTube channel if you are interested. An English lecture for the International German Genealogy Conference 2019 can be listened to on our website.

SPIEGEL Geschichte is published 6 times a year and each issue is dedicated to a new historical topic, which is presented in various interesting articles.

The issue on the topic of "German Emigrants" is of course available at German newsagents, but also online at (only in German). You can read the interview with Andrea Bentschneider here. Have fun with it!

01/24/2022 created by Heike Leiacker

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