The research situation is slowly returning to normal

Gradually, as corona numbers fall, the archives in Germany are opening again. The research situation continues to normalize, and we are of course very happy about that.

However, access to the reading rooms continues to be limited, so we are very dependent on when we get appointments - also, ordering quantities and/or research times may be limited. While the archives were closed, some cases had to be postponed. Now we are working through them one by one as quickly as possible. In addition, not all archives have reopened yet. Whether and when a research can currently be carried out is therefore still very case-dependent.

There can still be significant delays at administration offices, too. In addition, the summer holiday time will soon begin, which may lead to further delays due to vacations of the responsible clerks.

We therefore continue to thank you for your patience and understanding if the researches currently take a little longer. In any case, we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that we can complete your research as quickly as possible.

06/07/2021 created by Heike Leiacker