Beyond History comes of age

Hip, hip, hooray! It is Beyond History’s birthday soon - and not just any birthday! Almost 18 years ago, Andrea Bentschneider founded Beyond History on 01 July 2004, turning genealogy, a hobby up until then, into her profession. This means, now we come of age, so to speak!

From a small one-woman business, Beyond History has developed into a genealogy company with employees who research throughout Germany and internationally for our clients. And we continue to do so today with the same passion with which Andrea Bentschneider once began. We handle assignments ranging from obtaining single documents to the comprehensive research of entire family histories to probate researches.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their loyalty and trust, as well as our colleagues, employees, friends and of course our families for their support over the years. We are looking forward to at least the next 18 years!

We are very happy and have compiled some information about our company history. Here, you can find out more:

In addition, we did not miss the opportunity to write a blog post on the subject of coming of age - a milestone that is, after all, even more important for people than for companies...

06/24/2022 created by Heike Leiacker

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