Applying for German citizenship

We do the research for your German citizenship application.

You have German ancestors and are looking to apply for German citizenship? We are happy to help — today, getting German citizenship with German ancestors involves a great deal of bureaucratic leg work. Certain conditions and requirements must be met, so you should first consult with one of the German embassies or consulates where you live. There you will learn about the requirements for applying for citizenship and what criteria you need to meet. We then ensure that everything goes smoothly: You can discuss the details with the German representatives in your home country, while we procure the necessary documents here in Germany. If you have questions about your application or about documentation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you want to apply for German citizenship, call us at +49 (0)40 46 77 77 35 or Öffnet internen Link in neuem Fenstercontact us here.