heir location services

We are your professional expert team for heir research services

To lose relatives is a hard deprivation for all bereaved people. Moreover it is indispensable to handle the formal proceedings with the help of courts, lawyers and notaries. In some cases the decedent has not leave a last will. In Germany, the intestacy law regulates the further proceedings for these instances. If the legal heirs are unknown, then searching for heirs is necessary. The investigation for these heirs is conducted by a curator of estate. This is often difficult to handle because family relations reach out over several generations and family ties sometimes tear off. Regularly, the researches have to be made in different archives and administrations. 

Whether you are a lawyer, notary, or you are designated as a curator of estate appointed by the court, or maybe you are searching for further legal heirs as a private person - Beyond History supports you with any heir search. 

Regarding the legal terms we indentify the heirs trustworthy and professionally. We procure all necessary documents legally attested and prepare a clear overview about all our research results. Furthermore we contact relatives if requested. 

We offer our professional heir location service all over Germany as well as internationally. For several years we have been cooperating with lawyers, notaries and curators of estates from different countries worldwide. Because of our excellent connections it is also possible for us to procure legally attested documents from stocks of the Mormons. This is a special advantage because some of the digitalized sources are no longer available elsewhere due to war damages.