Second part of the Webinar on genealogy for beginners on the webpage of Legacy Family Tree Webinars/MyHeritage

On Wednesday, 18 December 2019, Andrea Bentschneider gave her third webinar on the webpage of Legacy Family Tree Webinars/MyHeritage. In the second part of her webinar on genealogy for beginners, she provided more interesting information on how to start your genealogical research. The webinar was held in German.

Christmas – the time in which family comes together – is a good chance to interview your relatives regarding your family history. With her experience from 15 years of professional genealogical research, Andrea Bentschneider gives valuable tips on how to start researching one's own family history. This time, her presentation will not only concentrate on interviewing relatives, but also on how to arrange the sources and how to plan the research. Some interesting sources will be presented as well.

You are interested and understand German, but had no chance to watch the webinar live? You can still find the webinar here (free of charge).

12/19/2019 created by Heike Leiacker

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