You are interested in the field of genealogy?
Beyond History gives lectures about the following topics (amongst others):

  • “Genealogy – how do I start?“
  • “Genealogy, name research, emigration“
  • “Emigration via Hamburg“
  • “Jewish genealogy in Germany“
  • “Tracing ancestors in the Nazi era”
  • “Professional genealogy in Germany - the difference between a hobby and a profession”

If you have special requests for a topic, do not hestitate to contact us.

Here you find a selection of lectures given by Andrea Bentschneider:

Lecture: "Emigration from Pomerania", Oct 2018

Presentation to be held in German at the annual meeting of the Vereins Ostpommern e.V. (Society East Pomerania)

Lecture: "The work of a Professional Genealogist", Fall 2017

Presentation to be held in German for members of the Genealogisch-heraldische Arbeitsgemeinschaft ROLAND ZU DORTMUND e.V. (genealogical-heraldic study group ROLAND ZU DORTMUND).

Lecture: "Emigration from Mecklenburg into the World", Apr 2016

Presentation held in German at the spring meeting of the Vereins für mecklenburgische Familien- und Personengeschichte e.V. (MFP) (Society  for Familiy and Individual History of Mecklenburg).

Lecture: "Emigration in Genealogy: Causes, Circumstances and its evidences", Oct 2015

Presentation held in German at the North German Genealogy Day in Rickling, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Lecture: "Hamburg's Emigration Port - Looking into the Past and the Future", Jan 2007

Presentation held in German during the "seminar for family research" organized by the Pommerscher Greif e.V. (Society for Pomeranian family and place history).

Lecture: "Genealogy, onomastics, emigration", Sep 2004

Presentation held in German for the members of Professional Women's Forum (PWF) in Hamburg.