Adventure of Emigration– Beyond History researches for you

In July 1683, 13 Quaker families from Krefeld boarded the “Concord” - they were the first German emigrants who left their homeland for a better and at the same time very unpredictable future in Philadelphia, USA. Since then countless persons left Europe for good. Maybe there are ancestors like that in your family, too? With Beyond History you can learn exciting details about “distant relatives” and about your own family history.

Our expert team starts the research in the emigration documents of your ancestors. Besides searching in regional emigration documents, literature and arrival records as well as own databases, we also research in the famous emigration archive in Hamburg, Germany’s biggest port city. Even today, ships' records listing over 5 million people who once emigrated overseas from Hamburg from 1850 to 1934 are available.

Behind every single emigration stands a unique story – on both sides of the oceans. Let’s find out together if there also are exciting emigration events in your family.