Institutions & Persons

The following persons and institutions recommend our research services:

  • State Archive Hamburg, Germany
  • National Archives in Washington, DC, USA
  • BallinStadt Emigration Museum, Hamburg, Germany
  • Deutsches Auswandererhaus (German Emigration Center) in Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York, USA
  • Bundesarchiv (Federal Archive) Berlin, Germany
  • Lutheran St. Michaelis parish in Hamburg, Germany
  • Institutio Martius-Staden in São Paulo, Brazil
  • Leo Baeck Institute, New York, NY, USA
  • Siemens Historical Institute, Munich, Germany
  • Alexandra Orton, Producer, Who Do You Think You Are? USA
  • Celia Tait, Producer, Who Do You Think You Are? Australia
  • Christine Neubauer, German Actress
  • Armin Rohde, German Actor

Memberships (selection)

  • Association of Professional Genealogists, USA
  • Association of German Speaking Professional Genealogists, Hamburg, Germany (Chairwoman)
  • American Club of Hamburg e.V.
  • Genealogische Gesellschaft Hamburg e.V. (Genealogical Society Hamburg) in Hamburg, Germany
  • Verein für Computergenealogie e.V. (Society for Computer Genealogy)
  • Verein für Mecklenburgische Familien- und Personengeschichte e.V. (Society for Family and Individual History of Mecklenburg) in Mecklenburg, Germany
  • Die Maus, Gesellschaft für Familienforschung e.V. (Society for Family Research) in Bremen, Germany
  • Pommerscher Greif e.V., Society for Pomeranian family and place history
  • Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc., New York