Despite the hard lockdown in Germany, we are there for you!

As of 16 December 2020, Germany has returned to a hard lockdown due to the current COVID-19 situation. For us at Beyond History this means that all archives are closed again to the public and working from home is strongly advised. Of course, these measures affect our work and the general research situation.

Compared to the spring, we are much better prepared for the situation. Similar to the first lockdown, most archives continue to work behind closed doors and it is possible to order documents. The archivists are, however, usually not able to provide the same extensive research services we usually conduct on-site on your behalf. Processing times of administration offices can be longer, too - particularly over the holidays.

We continue to work for you and your genealogical research with the same dedication you are accustomed to - no matter if we work from the office or from our home-offices. It has been our experience that despite closed archive doors, we can still continue to work on most research projects and will do everything in our power that they are processed and completed as soon as possible. Since we continue to order documents and request information on your behalf, we ensure that our orders will worked on first after a hopefully speedily reopening and that they do not end up on the very bottom of the big piles of orders at administration offices and archives.

We wish you, your family and loved ones that you all stay healthy and enjoy a wonderful holiday season even under different circumstances this year. And for New Year, we wish you the best possible start into a hopefully much less turbulent 2021.

12/21/2020 created by Heike Leiacker