Despite Corona: We continue our work for you from home!

Until today, our staff has been spared from the Corona virus. In order to keep it that way, we decided that the majority of our staff members will now be working from home.

We are very well prepared and due to our high degree of digitalization, even during the present situation an unrestricted productivity is ensured from our part. This means that we continue to work on your research projects and are, of course, also respond to new inquiries.

Although most archives and administration offices are closed for visitors, for now they are still operating. This may cause longer processing times and we anticipate delays which we have no influence on. As we continue to request documents and information on your behalf, we, however, ensure that the orders will be processed as soon as possible.

Since we are working from home, it is easiest do reach us via email and fax at the moment. We are also answering calls on our main number +49 40 - 46 77 77 35 and, of course, we will check our mail regularly.

We very much hope that the situation will normalize soon and wish you all the best for the next weeks: Please take care of yourself and stay healthy!

03/23/2020 created by Heike Leiacker