Andrea Bentschneider gives a presentation at the 16th annual meeting of the association Ostpommern e.V.

On Saturday, 26 October 2019 Andrea Bentschneider will give a presentation in German on “Auswanderung in der Ahnenforschung: Von Pommern in die weite Welt” (Emigration in Genealogy: From Pomerania into the Wide World) at the 16th annual conference meeting of the association Ostpommern e.V. in Herford.

The lecture will give an overview on the history of German Emigration, especially from Pomerania, gives reasons for it and mentions aspects like costs, travelling times and conditions on board. Of course, there will also be information on sources for researching.

We are looking forward to an interesting event.

10/23/2019 created by Heike Leiacker

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