An animal trailer for the Tierpark Hagenbeck

Like we have reported in our blog, we are fervent visitors of the Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg. Very often, we are reminded of the fact that the zoo is almost around the corner in our neighborhood. It is for example not uncommon to meet animal keepers at the post office. Mr. Hagenbeck himself once gave an elephant pin to my daughter at a parking space of a supermarket. This means, there was no doubt that we wanted to support the purchase of a new animal trailer for the zoo. Recently, we were very pleased to receive the certificate via mail.

This colorful printed trailer will be in use for about 5 years and will be driven throughout Hamburg and surroundings. It will mainly be used for the transport of animals to and from the Tierpark Hagenbeck. Right now the transfer of the new ostrich offspring is imminent. The gardeners are happy, too. They can now transport hay and the branches from tree prunings more easily. The trailer will therefore be used in many different ways and gives pleasure to more than one department of the zoo.

And we will be happy to see the animal trailer in our neighborhood!

11/26/2018 created by Andrea Bentschneider

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