The daughter of our boss Andrea Bentschneider can visualize our gratitude much better than we could (with some help of her parents, of course).

A very special, heartfelt thank-you to all our wonderful clients

We always knew that we have the best clients in the world. This becomes obvious in the current situation more than ever. Therefore, it is high time to send you all a most heartfelt thank-you!

The Corona crisis is challenging for everyone. We at Beyond History are relatively lucky, since we do not have to close due to official restrictions and since a lot of our work can be done from our offices at home just as well. Still, we notice the impact of the crisis, too - especially in the form of declining turnovers. For a small company like ours this can become a problem quite quickly.

All the more we have to thank our wonderful and often long-term clients who are still assigning us during the crisis and who are often doing a lot more than usual in order to support us! Many, many thanks to all of you!!! We do not take it for granted and are very touched by every single gesture.

Of course, we also would like to thank you for your patience, if things move a little slower at the moment. We know that you are excited to get results and that therefore, waiting is not always easy. In the current situation we are, however, more than ever dependant on the processing times of administration offices and archives - which are mostly still closed to the public. They all are working hard, too, to cope with this situation.

Your genealogical researches are dear to us (some family histories we know better by now than our own, thank you very much for your continuing trust and loyalty by the way!) and we are delighted to give our very best for you and your genealogical quests now and in the future!

04/22/2020 created by Beyond History Team